Welcome to Tanzania Minerals Corporation (TZM)
A Junior Mining Company

A Team with Vision, Experience and Responsibility

Tanzania Minerals Corporation is a junior mining company with an impressive portfolio of gold properties in one of the world's great untapped gold regions, Tanzania, Africa.

Unique in its approach to building a company through strong relationships and commitment with local partners on both sides of the globe, Tanzania Minerals Corporation has developed a business strategy that provides Tanzania with fair and equitable development and foreign investors with a tremendous opportunity in one of the most promising under-explored gold frontiers in the world.

Based in Canada with its wholly-owned subsidiary in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a world-class management team that makes the best decisions geologically, financially, culturally and politically, investors can be confident of the long term success of this company.

Tanzania -Emerging as One of Africa's Leading Gold Producers

Tanzania is fast becoming one of Africa's leading gold-producing regions. Politically stable and peaceful, Tanzania boasts a welcoming and competitive climate for foreign investment in mineral exploration. After three decades of socialist government and economic stagnation, in 1997 the Tanzanian government re-opened its doors to foreign investors. It has proven to be a model of economic success that other African countries are working at mimicking years later.
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